Air conditioning and heating is one of the major components to your homes safety and comfort. Understanding that unexpected breakdowns occur, we can be at your home in most cases the same day to get your cooling or heating system working again to keep you and your family comfortable. Servicing all major brands of HVAC equipment is our specialty. At Alamo Austin Air, we pride ourselves on fixing your problem right the first time and for a fair price. Our attention to detail and pride in our work means loyal satisfied customers, peace of mind and lower utility bills!!!


We are a factory authorized “Specialist” when it comes to repairing your PTAC’s, Vertical units, Vert-I-Pak’s, Mini-Splits and some Room Air products. Alamo Austin Air also can manage your larger Central A/C and Rooftop package units up to 25 ton’s and can handle all your ventilation needs as well (bathrooms, dryers and kitchen vents).

Alamo Austin Air will fix all Hotel units ON SITE!!! We do not remove your unit and repair at a remote location. This means you can have your room back up that day, giving your hotel the extra edge in gaining revenue. Having over 80 years of PTAC repair knowledge on our staff, you can be assured the job will be done professionally and right.

PTAC Cleaning: Trust us, we know just how important it is to keep PTAC units clean and your guest happy. We do not clean units in the room. All units are removed to an outside location and then disassembled so both sides of the evaporator and condenser is cleaned. All electrical and motor components are wrapped with plastic to prevent water damage. The units are then reassembled and allowed to dry for an hour before reinstalling them. We then test each unit on site to make sure the units are fully functional, making sure the room we are leaving is cleaner than when we found it.

Property Management Groups

Alamo Austin Air understands that making profits for your property owners is extremely important. We provide discounted rates for large unit property groups and can agree to a maximum repair limit (example $350.00) without approval. This will mean less of an inconvenience to your tenant, keep them happy and continue to count on their lease for years to come.


Maintenance Programs

For the price of a service call, Alamo Austin Air will test your systems:

+ Starting capabilities
+ Electrical connections
+ Check for adequate airflow
+ Evaporator blockages
+ Wash outside condensing units
+ Monitor freon levels
+ Blow out condensate drains
+ Check the overall safety of the equipment

We also will make you aware of any issues we find and state those in your invoice so you are fully up to date about the condition of your equipment. Maintenance programs are designed to extend equipment life, improve cooling and heating capacities and improve the overall safety and efficiency of your equipment. Typically, we come out twice a year (pre-summer & pre-winter) to fine tune your system. CALL US TODAY FOR AN APPOINTMENT! Let us help you prevent major problems before they occur and keep more of you hard earned money by lowering your utility bills.